Festa turns customers into DJs

The 21st century has arrived! Finally there is a modern innovative way to request music without having to write down songs on scraps of paper

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How do I use Festa?

Step by Step

Register with Festa and start your Festa Party. Then inform your customers and friends how to find your Festa Party Address on their phones. Invite them to request music that everyone can hear and enjoy. They are now the DJs!

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1. Create Your Festa Account

Create your account using your social networks or email and connect your computer to your sound and video system.

You must always maintain an internet connection at all times to be able to play the music and receive the requests for music from your guests.

Resolving the issue with synchronization in old version

2. Share your Festa Party Name with your friends / guests

Get your Festa Party link and share it with anyone you want. You and your friends / guests can now add and vote for songs from your Smartphones or Tablets.

Eg: www.festa.co/yourfestaname
Resolving the issue with synchronization in old version

3. Never lose control

As a Festa Party manager you will be able to move songs to the top of your playlist, skip them and vote unlimited times.

Also you can use other tools like Auto-DJ, Favorites List, Recommended songs, Emails and Notifications for your friends and much more.
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The Playlist panel

Manage the music and learn how to make Festa's functions work for you. You now have tons of promotional tools at your fingertips.

  • Play the music/videos and manage the playlist

    This is the heart of Festa. You control everything from here and you see exactly what's going on. You are the DJ, the publicist and the chief of marketing now.

  • See who is connected and contact them

    We tell you who is connected to your playlist, their personal profiles, and musical tastes. Also, you can contact them sending messages through our apps and email services.

  • And much more...

    Now it's time to have fun..... but this is not a toy! Create your account and start pressing buttons. Discover what Festa has to offer. All these functions do jobs that will save you time and make you money.

Join a Festa Party

Anyone can join in the fun....including you!

Participate in someone else's Festa Party. You can request and vote for songs from your Smartphone.
Simply enter the name of the Festa Party or click on one of the Festa links offered.

  • Add Songs Icons

    Add songs to the playlist

    Search for and add your favorite songs to the playlist of the Festa Party you have joined.

  • Votes Icon

    Vote for songs

    Add a vote to the songs that you like, giving them priority in the playlist and getting them played faster.

  • Historic Songs Icon

    Check the songs already played

    Go to the History/Already Played section on the playlist of The Festa Party you have joined.

  • Favorites Icon

    Add songs to your favorites

    Save the songs that you like in your own favorites list.

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