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Directly receive the songs requested by your guests, friends or clients on your Festa playlist
Unlimited playings
Auto DJ (Festa chooses the music for you)
Save your favorite songs
Random Play
Suggested songs
The music plays based on the votes. (More votes, the faster it gets played)
Use TV screens and video beams to show the music videos
Youtube ads
The administrator has remote control over the Playlist
Promo banners and publicity

Protect the musical integrity of your bar

It's your Festa Party, your rules

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Block the artists you don't ever want to hear (Blacklist)
Create a white list of artists who will always be accepted
Use Festa's moderating system to put requests on hold until you decide
Control the amount of people who can add music and also how often

Publicity and client messaging for your venue

Improve your sales with our marketing tools

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Use Festa to promote your products and services via messages and images on your TV screens
Create a welcome message that will be seen by everyone on the Festa mobile app
Send a message to everyone who is using Festa in your establishment
Send promotional emails and push notifications to your clients and friends
Your logo appears on the mobile app


What happens if someone requests a song or genre of music that isn't in tune with your style?
The administrator always has the last word and can add music to either the blocked list or the approved list. You can also set up Festa to only accept votes for music on a playlist you have pre-approved. Your customers just decide which gets played first.
Yes, you must pay all your normal legal, copyright and authors' fees related to music reproduction for your area. Our fees only cover the use of the platform and the marketing services we provide with it.
There is POP material available from our web page. You can download this and customize it with the name and address of you Festa Party Use this to tell people they can use their smartphones or tablets to request music.

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No, absolutely none. If you decide to stop using the Premium service you will automatically be given the FREE version. Similarly, if you are using the FREE version and realize that you need the PREMIUM, then you just need to pay for a month's subscription and you will be ready to go in just a few minutes.
How can I pay for the Festa Premium Plan?
You can pay online with a credit card or via Paypal. In most countries, you can also use a debit card.
Absolutely, yes. The invoice will be sent to the email address you registered with. This should only take a few minutes.

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