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Festa is a virtual jukebox


With Festa your customers have the power to choose the songs that play in your venue. They just have to install our free smartphone app and start requesting and voting.

Festa offers you a new way to engage with customers building loyalty through music. You can use our platform to inform them about events, promotions and special offers.

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  • Use <span class='color-orange'>Festa</span> like a jukebox

    Use Festa like a jukebox

    Share your Festa Party name with your customers and give them control of the music. Don't worry about losing your music identity because you are always in control of the music played in your venue.


  • Increase profits and loyalty

    Increase profits and loyalty

    Use the Festa marketing tools to inform your customers about special offers and promotions. Use creative messages to promote your products and services and discover important facts about your clients.


  • Play the music video clips

    Play the music video clips

    Every customer requested song has an amazing video clip to show, so connect Festa to your large screens and allow your clients to see their favorite videos.



How does Festa work?

Create your account using your social networks or email. You must always maintain an internet connection at all times to be able to play the music and receive the requests for music from your customers.
Share your Festa Party name and web address with your customers and invite them to pick the music they prefer from their Smartphones or Tablets.

E.g. www.festa.co/yourbarname
Connect your computer to the bar's sound and video system. Transmit the videos via your TV screens or video-beams and sit back and watch them enjoy a complete musical experience.


Learn about the experiences, benefits and advantages of using Festa from people who are already using this amazing service.

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